Missions is the Mission of our church!

“Now I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christ’s sake, and for the love of the Spirit, that ye strive together with me in your prayers to God for me…” Rom. 15:30


Home Missions

Aaron Pack Family                 Alabama

ABBF                                         Alabama

Bausell Family                         Sioux Indians

Crown College                         Powell, TN

Dombeck, Ray                         BEAMS Missionary

Ellzey Family                            Rogers, AR

Filipino National Pastor’s Project

Jim Phillips Ministry                Evangelist

Ketchum Family                      Rock Of Ages

Kilpatrick Family                     Chelsea, Al

Larson Family                          U.S.A. Church Planting

Mark Bohman                          Evangelist

Phil Gage Family                     Massachusetts

Parker Family                           Huntsville, Alabama

WGIB-Birmingham Christian Radio

Whitfield Family                      Mt. Home, Arkansas


Foreign Missionaries

* For the sake of safety, there are some missionaries not listed who currently serve in the fields of:
Indonesia, China, Rome Italy, Korea, Kiribati, Iraq, and Napal

Bohmah, Eric Family              Africa

Booth Family                           Panama                               

Coffey Family                          South Africa

Copeland Family                    Puerto Rico

Daniels, Jerry  Family              Africa

Daniels, Rus Family                 Africa

Dwire Family                            Uganda, Africa

Files Family                             Thailand

Green Family                           England

Grinstead Family                    Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hall Family                               South Africa

Holt Family                               Chile

Johnston Family                       Haiti & the Dominican Republic

Koon, Tim Family                     Australia

Liles Family                               Peru

Lowe Family                             Bahamas

McTague Family                      Tibet

Mucher Family                         Zhitomir, Ukraine

Puente Family                           Spain

Reap Family                              Philippine Islands

Rice Family                                Philippine Islands

Roberts Family                          India

Shelby Family Kenya               Africa

Smith Family                             Japan

Smith, R. G. Family                 Africa

Stephens Family                      Zambia, Africa

Tyler Family                              Brazil

Vickers Family                          Thailand

Williams Family                        France